Words to Unbelievers

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Words to unbelievers

Good morning everyone I just want to say to non-believers that The Most High is real and he is a mover by faith if you don’t believe try him I had a situation and I prayed about it 7 days ago and I have it to my savior and on the 4th day nonthing happened I was being turned away left and right and doubt began to settle in and the tears began to set in and I felt a deep sense to go in my room and talk to my father and discuss my anger and frustrations with life and my current situation and after that hissy fit was over something I say something grabbed a hold of me and squeezed every bit of doubt out of my body I wiped my tears and a calm that I have never felt in my life came over me! So as the next three days went by my situation was a day away and I held on to faith I did not worry I slept well so the day of my dead line down to the minutes i received an unexpected phone call and all was washed away washed away do you hear me my knees buckled and I believe my heart stopped and the tears flowed not because my situation was gone but because the one who knows my every flaw and who loves me unconditionally I had doubts about not only did he show me that he is Alpha and Omega and that through him all things are possible all things…..!!!!!!!!! But he also showed me that I am not standing alone!!!!!

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