That is about marriage- what the role of parents is in the choice of a partner and it depends on who the parents are. All parents are not the same; not every parent is led by the Spirit. Some are not Christians and some are Christians, some have insight, some have no insight. The Bible didn’t say as many that are led by parents, it says as many as are led by the Spirit of God and so the Spirit of God leads us and ministers to us through those who He indwells, through those in whom He lives especially those that he has called into our lives to minister to us, to guide us through the Spirit and sometimes, that could be a parent and sometimes not. So, there are no hard and fast rules about parentage there, otherwise, what about other things in life?

It can’t just be about marriage, why don’t they decide about ministry for you or other things about your life and future? No! There has to be the ministry of the Spirit when it comes to anything that concerns your life.

For anything that’s important to you, you need the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that guidance could come through the different levels of leadership that the Lord has provided for you in the house of God and that can include your parents.