A history that you’ve got to know, Almost 2000 years ago, a man named Jesus was born of a virgin and he declared that he was sent from God as God’s son. His birth was a miracle birth because he was born of a virgin and then he also told us, by several miraculous signs that he came from God and he brought a message from God and the Bible tells us how that he died for us as a sacrifice.

He was buried. The third day God proved that he was truly from him by raising him from death. Jesus was raised from the dead as proof that he was from God. After his resurrection, he ascended in the presence of 120 people who saw him. The Bible tells us more than 500 people saw him after his resurrection.

Now, this Jesus ascended physically through the clouds to heaven- one more proof that he was the son of God- this Jesus being proved by God Almighty.

When you say you don’t believe there is a God, you have to understand everything in nature could not have come accidentally there is too much order in nature to have come as an accident.

It’s impossible! You’d have to deceive yourself.